100% Pure Essential Oil :
Made in Australia
100% 纯天然精油 :
Beauty & Care :
100% Natural & Handcrafted / Made in USA
美颜美肤美发 :
100%纯天然手工 / 美国制造

Our essential oils have a true and strong aromatic profile. Each oil is produced from a single origin. They are undiluted. There is no artificiality or any technical addition. All oils are just 100% original,natural and pure.

我们的精油都是单一的产生, 直接从 花草提取. 全都未经稀释的. 都具有一种纯正芳香的香气. 也没加仼何化学香精. 全都是100%纯天然..


All our beauty care products are 100% natural and handcrafted. There are no artificial fragrances or preservatives; no synthetic colorants; no animal fat and no animal testing.

我们所有的美容产品都是100%纯天然手工制造. 无人工香精和防腐剂 ,无合成色素, 无动物脂肪或动物测试的美颜美肤美发产品

Lifestyle :
Air Purifier/Air Diffuser/Air Filter/ Humidifier
Health & Medical :
Blood Pressure Monitors / Infrared Thermometer
Bright Ideas :
Innovative Products

Now you can breathe ease NewFresh air products improve your daily life and well-being. Whether you are at home or in office, our air purifier, diffuser and humidifier work to improve your surrounding air quality and make your life more enjoyable and comfortable.

Healthy and Better Life NewFresh health and medical devices provide safe and reliable health information to enhance your essential needs in health care and management.



Improve your life
Make your living easier and more enjoyable

Portable Battery Charger  
Bluetooth Mini Speaker
Bluetooth Stereo Headset 




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Aroma Diffuser 

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Infrared Ear & Forehead Thermometer
Model NT100

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