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Improve the quality of your life with Newfresh™ products
让 優瑞美™ (Newfresh™) 产品提高你的生活品味和素质

100% Pure Essential Oil

Made in Australia
100% 纯天然精油

Beauty & Care :
100% Natural & Handcrafted / Made in USA
100%纯天然手工 /美国制造

100% Pure Essential Oil
(100% 纯天然精油)

Newfresh's Blended
Essential Oil

Soap Bar (香皂)
Shower Gel
Body Oil
Shampoo Soap Bar
Shampoo Soap Liquid
Face Masque
Lip Balm
Lotion Bar (
Face Scrub
Wooden Soap Dish

Air Purifier + Air Diffuser + Air Filter + Humidifier

Health & Medical
Blood Pressure Monitor / Infrared Thermometer

Bight Ideas
Innovative Products

Vase NV 100
Air Purifier for use in home and office. The world first activated carbon air purifier with speed adjustable dual fans. Revolving airflow (tornado effect), aerodynamics air filtering process. 100% natural way of air cleaning. Non toxic and chemical free.

Coral NC 100
NewFresh Activated Carbon Car Air Purifier. Purify the air in your car while you drive. 100% natural way of air cleaning. Non toxic and chemical free.

Diffuser ND100
Aroma Diffuser for aromatherapy; Relax your mind and body


Aroma Diffuser (Mushroom) ND200
For aromatherapy
- For Scent
- Relax your mind and body


Ultrasonic Humidifier NH100
NewFresh Humidifier works to add back the desired moisture into your surrounding air.


Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor check your blood pressure on the go. It accurately measures your blood pressure and pulse rate. Reading is easy and convenient as its light indication feature displays different light colours on different pressure classifications.

Our arm blood pressure monitor is a family model which has a huge storage memory of 99 x 4 persons. It measures your blood pressure and pulse rate accurately and provides average value for last 3 readings.

Our digital infrared thermometer NT100 accurately measure temperature from either the ear or forehead and the result is known within 1 second.

Portable Battery Charger

Ideal portable battery while you are on the go! Design to power charge your phone, tablets, camera and multiple digital products.

Bluetooth Mini Speaker

Bluetooth mini speaker streams high quality and huge sound wirelessly from your smartphone and tablet.

Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Your music, video and calls just sound better with NewFresh Bluetooth Stereo Headset NBH100.